Welcome to the Schönburn hub!

Welcome to our Schönburn communications hub, where the co-creative magic happens!

If you got here by clicking on the “Welcome to Schönburn!” link, note that this was a quick link to this pinned topic. To get back to the landing page, you can click on the Burners.at logo in the top-left corner, and if you instead click on “Schloss Schönburn 2023”, you will see a list of all the discussion categories. Alternatively, you can click on the little bubble saying “Schloss Schönburn 2023” right above this post.

This platform is built on Discourse, so if you’re not familiar with it yet, please check out this guide:

or watch this video:

Regarding user accounts and the visibility of content:

A couple of Categories are public, but the rest are visible only if you log into a registered account. To register, click on the “Sign Up” button at the top-left of your screen. Note that the “Core Orga” category is (at least for now) read-only for regular participants, but you can ask us to be added if you take on an organizing role.