Schönburn 2024


If you’ve been following our newsletters, you’ll hear that we had to make a decision to not return to Schloss Drosendorf in 2024 (see here). The team made a visit to another potential location that is also available on our dates, but after carefully weighting the pros and cons, made a decision to return to Böllerbauer.

We already know how to do a great burn at Böllerbauer, where we’ve faced no issues with local authorities, no restrictions on the effigy, and where every burner camps together – so our team can fully focus on doing cool projects! Since we are able to keep the week of August 07–11, you can expect a camping-style burn experience in very likely warmer summer conditions. We hope you will join to co-create with us!

Our experience in the past few weeks has made us change our membership process slightly in order to make it clearer that we are a private event by burners, for burners. For information on how to participate in Schönburn 2024, please read our Membership and Ticketing FAQ for 2024. Membership sales will launch next Sunday (21.04.2024) at 19:00 CEST.

For impressions of Schönburn at Böllerbauer, please find a selection of beautiful photos from 2021 by Bernhard Ludewig.