Schloss Schönburn 2023

We are finally ready to announce that Schloss Schönburn 2023 will be returning to a new and truly amazing castle, the beautiful Schloss Drosendorf in Lower Austria! The dates for this year are Wed–Sun September 6–10, 2023.

Google Maps link

Watch this space for further announcements.

Organization will happen on this platform, so if you want to get informed and involved from the start, please register for an account and learn here how to use Discourse:

You can invite your friends and spread the word also on Facebook, but keep in mind that discussions can only take place here on the hub.


To anyone with children in school or planning to go to Burning Man this year, our apologies for the timing. We tried very hard to get an August date, but it just was not possible this year.

That being said… if all goes well, Schönburn next year will be 11–18. August, 2024!

I decided to leave this thread as the first announcement and created a new thread for all the upcoming updates - News - Updates on the event