Save the date: Schloss Schönburn 07.-11.08.2024

Dear burners,

Please save the date: Schloss Schönburn 2024 will take place on 07.-11.08.2024, finally allowing us to avoid an overlap with both Burning Man and the start of school. We hope this will make it easier for many of you to fit this into your summer plans!

We will be returning to Schloss Drosendorf for a second year. There were some issues, as we are very aware, but we have reason to believe that things outside our control (unwanted attention from authorities) will be easier the second time around, and already started planning how to improve things that are in our control (such as the placement of spaces and activities to include the camping grounds more – rumour has it that the Bean is going to make a comeback :wink: However, do set your expectations for a more modest effigy, though perhaps the community will come up with entirely new creative ideas for the burn night!

We did visit another castle, and while it is very cool and significantly bigger, it wasn’t without its problems as a location, and we could only have gotten the first week of September this year. Most importantly, however, the price was far outside our budget (about 3x as much as Drosendorf, which really is a very good deal for us). Thus it was not really a realistic option, at least not this year.

Thus we hope that you’ll join us for Schloss Schönburn at Drosendorf in August, and we can’t wait to see all the creative ideas you can bring to bear to make an even more awesome edition of our beloved burn!